Celebrate 7 days of cycling with Bike Week

06 June 2019

Earn bonus BetterPoints during Bike Week with The Bridgwater Way

Bike Week runs from 9th to 15th June and we are celebrating by offering you extra rewards if you travel actively by bike.

Around Bridgwater there are some great cycling routes so go explore!

Here are some ideas to get you on two wheels and enjoying the great outdoors:

Sunday 9 June: Enjoy the social side of cycling,  encourage a friend or family member to join you on a Sunday cycle.

Monday 10 June: Kick your week off with a cycle to school or work, time how long it takes you and how much quicker it can be than by car or public transport (or make it part of journey if you can't cycle, e.g. to the train station).

Tuesday 11 June: Write down the benefits of getting out on your bike and the positive effects it can have on your mental well-being.

Wednesday 12 June: Encourage a colleague or friend to join you in an evening ride.

Thursday 13 June: Write down how much you spend on travel and how much you can save by cycling each day.

Friday 14 June: It's the weekend so plan a ride to somewhere you haven't cycled before - and get friends and family involved.

Saturday 15 June: Need to run any errands today? Which of these can  be done on two wheels? 

Cycle over half a mile and we will give you 100 BetterPoints as a bonus, you can earn this bonus 2 times per day.